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Why Join CHEF?


To find support for families homeschooling their children through resources and by the following ways.

ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION - CHEF provides member students the opportunity to participate in team sports.  Basketball for boys and girls ages nine and up is currently offered.  We host an annual CHEF Alumni basketball game in December.
GRADUATION - CHEF hosts an annual graduation ceremony for senior high students.
CHEF SCHOLARSHIPS - In 1999, CHEF instituted the CHEF Scholarship which honors one outstanding CHEF senior each year with a $500 scholarship.  Since 2008, CHEF Alumni honors one outstanding CHEF senior each year with a $500 Jaron Holliday Music Scholarship in memory of Jaron Holliday.  Also, since 2018 we have offered the Hosanna Joy Fry Vocational/Technical Scholorship in memory of Hosanna Fry of $1,000.  All scholarships are awarded at the CHEF Graduation.  (The amounts of the last two scholarships vary according to donations)    
CHEF WEBSITE - CHEF has a beautiful website designed to keep its members informed and up to date on what is going on in CHEF and all area CHEF support groups.  There is a classifieds section where you can offer used curriculum for sale or post curriculum you are looking for.  The CHEF Forum is designed to be a place where you can ask any question you might have regarding homeschooling, and it will go out to the membership to see if anyone has an answer for you.  The basketball schedule for the year and other info is on our website.  The CHEF directory is accessible on the secure side of our website.  The CHEF calendar is available on the website showing various CHEF and area support group activities, meetings, and events.  The CHEF photo gallery has photos of basketball, field trips, and various activities.  You may re-register to join CHEF each year on the website, via Paypal, or you can print off the CHEF renewal form to mail in.  Information to contact various CHEF leaders and board members is found on the CHEF website.  There is an Online Resource section with lots of resources to glean from.  There is a You Can Homeschool section with lots of information and tips.  We have many ideas for other helpful sections to come!  Our desire here at CHEF with our website is to keep our members connected, informed, and educated to what is going on in our homeschool network, our nation regarding homeschooling, and with our members.
HSLDA DISCOUNT - CHEF membership entitles the member to a $15.00 discount on the $130 annual dues for HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).